Clean your garden sprayer

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Clean your garden sprayer
With the blooming of spring, you may have begun preparing your garden for the planting season. Preparing a garden for spring is not an easy task, but using a garden sprayer will make things easier. The herbicide is dispersed through the rods and nozzles, making the weeding process quick and easy. In order to maintain the service life of the garden sprayer, it is important to understand how to clean the sprayer after each use.

When cleaning a garden sprayer, you need to clean every part to prevent chemicals from accumulating and causing problems with the sprayer, such as clogging or hardening. It is important to note that some herbicides and insecticides are more violent than others, so your garden sprayer may be harder if it is not cleaned. You need to make sure that your sprayer is really clean so that it can last longer.

Clean the sprayer immediately after use to avoid hardening of the solution debris in the water tank, hose or nozzle. Wear liquid-proof gloves when cleaning the sprayer so that your skin will not come into contact with chemicals. Never use strong detergents or strong soaps to clean your sprayer, as corrosive chemicals can damage it. It is recommended to use products with mild ingredients. Clean the sprayer between uses within a day so that the chemicals do not mix together.

However, when you finish using your garden sprayer at the end of the season, you need to clean it deeply. This ensures that any chemical residues are completely rinsed away, so it will not stay in the sprayer for months. When storing your garden sprayer at the end of the season, find a dry, clean and cool place to protect it from extreme heat or frost, such as a garage or storage room.
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