Healthier Use of Electrostatic Sprayers in Industrial Facilities

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Healthier Use of Electrostatic Sprayers in Industrial Facilities
Electrostatic sprayers have been used for many years, especially in medical facilities and other places where hygiene and disinfection are critical. Today, they are the "stars" of the professional cleaning industry when used with EPA-approved disinfectants that kill the coronavirus pathogen. They are key tools for the industry, helping to keep building users safe and healthy.
Electrostatic sprayers greatly reduce the time and labor involved in disinfecting surfaces. This is a significant cost saving. One manufacturer reports that they can reduce disinfection time by as much as 80%. Electrostatic sprayers allow more coverage through the surface. All areas are protected, not just some.
They can also help promote sustainable development. If using a sanitizer that is proven to be effective for up to 90 days, this means that fewer sanitizer containers are needed to package the product. Less fuel is required to transport product boxes, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Now that we better understand what electrostatic sprayers are all about, how they're used, and their potential benefits, there's one more thing you should do before choosing a system. That is to work with a knowledgeable dealer before choosing these products.
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