Features Of Rechargeable Battery Sprayer

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Features Of Rechargeable Battery Sprayer

  what? ! Rechargeable Battery Sprayer, just click a button to use.

  Yes, we have been looking for a high-quality, lightweight Rechargeable Battery Sprayer, we have found it!

  We have worked for hand in hand with Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier to create a reliable 8-liter rechargeable battery-powered sprayer, so you don't need to pump the sprayer again, the garden will serve you.

  This mixture is an excellent pest and disease prevention spray and also provides foliar feed for the entire garden. It can also easily manage the spraying of roses, citrus, and vegetables for the fastest and most eye-catching results.

  Make your garden stronger and look more beautiful. This is a super convenient and lightweight Rechargeable Battery Sprayer that will not break your back or bank!

  Spraying becomes easy, efficient, and accurate. Impressive performance-no sweat. You never have to pump spray anymore!


  The 8-liter liquid capacity sprayer reservoir is powered by a fully enclosed and sealed rechargeable 6 volt 4.5 AH battery.

  The compact miniature diaphragm 6-volt pump set is light in weight, but the high pressure is 55 PSI (4 bar).

  Rugged and durable equipment can spray continuously for 1.5 hours on a single charge.

  Maintain a constant and uniform spray pattern. Continuous spraying or stop/start control. Adjustable nozzle for fine spraying or spotting.

  The triple liquid strainer prevents damage and clogging of the pump. The filter is easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning.

  A large water injection port is convenient for water injection and cleaning.

  Includes spare parts kit, which contains O-rings, filters, fuses, accessories, and battery chargers

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