Garden sprayer buying guide

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Garden sprayer buying guide
A garden sprayer is a valuable tool in the gardener's tool shed. They provide a simple and effective way to deliver the right amount of material to the right place.

Before choosing a garden sprayer, you must first determine the problem. Some areas can be treated locally with a small amount of insecticide; other areas require a larger capacity sprayer. The size of sprayers varies greatly, ranging from 1 quart to 4 gallons, so it is not difficult to find a model that suits various gardening needs.

For gardeners, it is best to have at least two sprayers, one for herbicides and one for insecticides. Many herbicide residues are difficult to completely remove from the spray can, and this residue may harm your plants. In addition, mixing pesticides is not a good idea. Make sure to put the appropriate label on each sprayer.
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