Features Of The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

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Features Of The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

  We offer a high-quality agricultural knapsack sprayer for the application of liquid pesticides and chemicals in forestry, agriculture, such as poultry environments, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, roadside hedges, and other areas.

  It works through the sidebar via manual pump pressure. It can also be used to apply herbicides for weed control and to spray micronutrients for plant growth. agricultural knapsack sprayer is lightweight but robust enough to be easy to handle and portable.

  Features of the agricultural knapsack sprayer

  It is relatively inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance

  Lightweight sprayer with powerful blown tank

  Available in attractive colors

  Adjustable nylon belt/shoulder strap

  Breaks down chemical solutions into fine droplets of effective size

  Distributes droplets evenly over plants

  Applies chemical with sufficient pressure to actively reach the plant

  Regulates the amount of liquid applied to the plant to avoid over-application

  Durable and easy to use, with a unique and user-friendly design.

  It produces a steady stream of spray material at the desired droplet size so that the plants to be treated can be covered evenly

  It delivers the liquid at sufficient pressure to allow the spray solution to reach all leaves and disperse evenly over the plant body

  Rechargeable Battery Sprayer is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.

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