How To Clean And Maintain The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

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How To Clean And Maintain The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

  How to clean and maintain the agricultural knapsack sprayer

  You will need:

  Clean water

  An empty container

  Use in the safe area of ​​the agricultural knapsack sprayer, away from animals, children, desired crops, surface water (such as streams or ponds), and not close to any drinking water sources or other sensitive areas.

  Why is it important to clean the agricultural knapsack sprayer?

  Cleaning your equipment (such as spreaders, agricultural knapsack sprayers, and overhead sprayers) is an important part of regular maintenance; ideally, this should be done after each use to keep them in good working condition. Proper maintenance, especially in winter, will ensure that the equipment is suitable for preparation for the coming spring.

  To avoid subsequent damage to other crops, all traces of herbicide must be removed from the spraying equipment immediately after spraying. You can use a sprayer cleaning product to do this. Before following any of the instructions below, we recommend that you ensure that you wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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