How to keep your plastic garden sprayer in top condition

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How to keep your plastic garden sprayer in top condition

  The plastic garden sprayer is designed to be portable. There are several designs that make it easier to carry the sprayer in your yard, some of the most common are handheld, backpack, and wheeled.

  Gas-powered yard sprayers are not so portable. They are big and heavy. Fortunately, many models have wheels, so you can drag them behind you.

  Maintenance of plastic garden sprayer

  Leaving chemicals in the plastic garden sprayer for too long can cause residues to damage your sprayer and plants. Here is how to keep your plastic garden sprayer in its best condition.

  Empty the mixture immediately after each use. If your water tank is too full, you may need to spray twice in the yard.

  Rinse the residue with detergent or ammonia. You can leave this cleaning solution in your sprayer overnight.

  Clean the nozzle and accessories.

  Spray half a can with clean hot water. This will wash away stubborn residue.

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