How to use and clean your sprayer?

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How to use and clean your sprayer?
Instead of spraying fields with a tractor-mounted sprayer, use a knapsack sprayer to spray herbicides, pesticides, pesticides, and fertilizers. You'll be able to go deeper and save on tractor and pesticide costs. Knapsack sprayers spray liquid through a hand-held nozzle attached to a pressure vessel on the operator's back. Knapsack sprayers can be used to dispense liquids such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.
The most commonly used knapsack sprayer is the "lever-operated knapsack sprayer". To use a knapsack sprayer, follow these steps:
1. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using the sprayer.
2. Before using the herbicide, test it with water to make sure the knapsack sprayer is working properly and there are no leaks.
3. Select the correct nozzle. The nozzle is the part that dispenses the liquid. These nozzles come in different sizes, which determine the spray volume.
4. Regularly calibrate the sprayer with clean water and a bucket, especially when it is about to be used.
Also, it is very important to clean the knapsack sprayer after using it. This prevents damage to subsequent sprays and helps the sprayer last longer. Clean your sprayer to protect your crops. Protects sprayer's perishable parts and cleans sprayer by removing caustic chemicals. Clean the outside of the sprayer to remove pesticides that have leaked or dropped through the cap during use.
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