Troubleshooting Of Common Failures Of Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

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Troubleshooting Of Common Failures Of Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer

  (1) Use and maintenance of agricultural knapsack sprayer In addition to the use and maintenance of the agricultural knapsack sprayer in strict accordance with the requirements of the product manual, the following points should also be paid attention to.

  ①The new cowhide bowl on the sprayer should be immersed in motor oil or animal oil (vegetable oil is not allowed) before installation, and soak for 24 hours. When installing the plug rod assembly into the pump barrel, pay attention to placing one side of the cowhide bowl in the pump barrel obliquely, and then rotate it to make the plug rod vertical, and use the other hand to help press the edge of the leather bowl into the pump barrel. It can be loaded smoothly, and should not be forced to stop people.

  ②Choose suitable spray rods and nozzles according to needs. There are several spray rods for sprayers. The double nozzle T-shaped spray rod and the four-nozzle direct spray rod are suitable for wide and full spraying. The U-shaped double nozzle spray rod can be used for spraying on the crop row. The lateral double nozzle spray rod is suitable for the row. Spray on both sides of the crop bases. Hollow cone mist nozzles have nozzle chips with several apertures. Large holes have large flow rates, thicker droplets, and larger spray angles; on the contrary, small holes have smaller flow rates, finer droplets, and smaller spray angles. It can be selected appropriately according to the requirements of spraying operations and the size of crops.

  ③When installing a 110' slit nozzle on the T-shaped direct spray rod of the sprayer, the notch on the nozzle should be slightly deflected to form an angle of about 50 with the axis of the nozzle, so that the mist streams of adjacent nozzles do not collide with each other. Attention should be paid to the height of the spray rods during operation, so that the mist flow of each nozzle overlaps each other, and the amount of mist is evenly distributed in the entire spray range, which is suitable for full spraying of herbicides.

  ④ When carrying work, the rocker should be moved 18-25 times per minute. Operators: Nongyi 16. When using a long I-10m sprayer, do not bend over too much to prevent the liquid from splashing on the body from the lid.

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