The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer Can Handle Large Jobs

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The Agricultural Knapsack Sprayer Can Handle Large Jobs

  If you are looking for an agricultural knapsack sprayer that can handle large jobs, then D-18L-02 is your best choice. This top sprayer is easy to assemble and use. Its design is simple and ergonomic. The water tank is designed with a curved shape, which can perfectly fit your back and prevent back pain. D-18L-02 has double padded shoulder straps.

  These sturdy belts have quick-release buckles that allow you to adjust the belt and easily remove the sprayer. The spear is 90 cm long and the hose is 140 cm long; this allows you to spray large vegetable fields without much movement. In order to minimize hand pressure during use, the manufacturer has installed a trigger lock on the spray gun so that you can use the sprayer continuously.

  D-18L-02 has a handle that allows you to pump chemicals while walking in the garden or vegetable field. This on-the-fly handle is responsible for generating pressure to push the pesticide from the storage tank to the spray gun. This sprayer also has a large filling opening that allows you to pour the mixture without spilling. The manufacturer provides a removable filter to prevent garden debris from entering through the infill.

  Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier’s D-18L-02 has multiple spray heads. Double nozzle, fan head style, and single nozzle. Single-head sprinklers are very suitable for spraying specific areas in the garden. The fan head is ideal for spraying large areas. The product is made of durable, freeze-proof, and shatter-proof materials. The sprayer is equipped with a pressure relief valve and comes with a repair kit.

  D-18L-02agricultural knapsack sprayer

  Advantages of D-18L-02 pressure sprayer

  There is very little water dripping from the nozzle.

  large capacity.

  With nozzle.

  Disadvantages of D-18L-02 pressure sprayer.

  The shoulder strap may not be clamped properly.

  It is heavy when you fill it up.

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