The Plastic Garden Sprayer Is An Excellent Tool For Spraying Liquid Garden Products

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The Plastic Garden Sprayer Is An Excellent Tool For Spraying Liquid Garden Products

  A plastic garden sprayer is an excellent tool for spraying liquid garden products. You need to understand how they work, otherwise, you will definitely encounter problems due to over or under application of the product.

  The plastic garden sprayer is just a tool to siphon the product out of the bottle and mix the product with water to facilitate spraying. All hose-end sprayers designed for liquid products (not powders or granules) work in a similar manner.

  When you turn on the plastic garden sprayer, water will flow through the spray head on the top of the bottle and spray from the other end. The water in S moves through the top of the spray head, it creates a suction or vacuum that is the liquid product of the siphon tube to the top of the spray head. There, instead of in the bottle, it mixes with hose water and is sprayed out. Most plastic garden sprayers have a knob or button that allows you to close the hole in the siphon so that you can spray water only when you need it.

  The size of the hole under the nozzle will determine how many ounces (or teaspoons) of liquid product you have to pump out per gallon of water sprayed. There may be only one hole under the sprayer, or there may be multiple holes (or settings) for you to choose from.

  The adjustable agricultural mist sprayer has a dial on the top, and you can choose from multiple hole sizes, ranging from as low as 1 teaspoon per gallon to 8 ounces per gallon.

  The adjustable agricultural mist sprayer allows you to play in different environments, or mix the product with water in an exact specific ratio as needed. They are usually very easy to fill and easy to use. And, as you will see below, they allow you to spray the product faster or slower.

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