These Are The Most Widely Used Small Sprayers In Developing Cou

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These Are The Most Widely Used Small Sprayers In Developing Cou

  Since the use of pesticides in industrialized countries, pesticide application equipment has been introduced into the African agricultural system along with the pesticides to be applied. In fact, at a given point in time, all the different technologies available are more or less successfully introduced. Among the three major types of application equipment, such as portable, tractor installation, and aircraft installation, only portable equipment is used on a large scale in West Africa.

  Among them, the agricultural knapsack sprayer is the sprayer with the highest usage rate.

  There are two main types of agricultural knapsack sprayers:

  Leveraged agricultural knapsack sprayer

  These are the most widely used small sprayers in developing countries. With manual pumps and nozzles/nozzles, they produce a wide range of droplet sizes and use about 200 liters/ha.

  Compression sprayer

  With these agricultural knapsack sprayers, the entire container containing the spray liquid is pressurized. The size ranges from less than 5 liters (in this case they are hand-held) to more than 10 liters.

  In almost all cases, this is reported as the most important application technology. The armpit lever-operated type is the most popular, but shoulder pump sprayers and compression or pneumatic sprayers are also mentioned. Knapsack sprayers are used to spray any kind of pesticides (for example, mainly insecticides, followed by fungicides and herbicides). The water volume ranges from 100 to 400 liters/ha. Most likely because of the costs involved, agricultural knapsack sprayers are more commonly used for cash crops such as cocoa, corn, and cotton, but also for horticultural crops and less for staple food crops.

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