How to use plastic garden sprayer

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How to use plastic garden sprayer

  How to use a plastic garden sprayer:

  When spraying chemical solutions, it is always recommended to wear protective clothing to prevent chemical substances from contacting the skin

  Before opening the pressure valve, try to unscrew the lid, lid, or top of the tank sprayer to release any pressure that has been trapped in the tank.

  Turn the cover counterclockwise to open and remove the pump mechanism

  Fill the water tank to the required water level. Before adding any herbicides, fertilizers, or other concentrates, please be sure to read the herbicide manufacturer’s instructions on dosage and dilution ratios

  Pour the concentrate into the tank, reseal the tank lid and tighten it until an airtight seal is obtained.

  Hold the handle of the tank pump and slowly lift to extend the pump and push down to start creating pressure in the tank.

  When the pumping action becomes more difficult and you feel significant resistance, you will know that the water tank is pressurized

  Take the applicator wand and point the nozzle toward the floor. Wear protective gloves, unscrew the nozzle by hand and gently press the trigger to perform a "test" spray to check the tank pressure and spray pattern. Adjust as needed.

  Wear your protective equipment, including a breathing mask, gloves, and goggles, and spread your spray downwind until the area is treated.

  Remove the lid from the plastic garden sprayer and rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.

  Treat the remaining water in a place that will not affect drinking water or accidentally kill plants

  When not in use, store the plastic garden sprayer in a covered location out of reach of children

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