Application of electrostatic sprayer

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Application of electrostatic sprayer
Electrostatic spray cleaning provides non-contact disinfection and disinfection, even in hard-to-reach areas and challenging equipment. In an era when strict floor, wall, and environmental maintenance and disinfection protocols are required, electrostatic sprayers provide an effective decontamination method.
Companies and industries that use electrostatic sprayers also benefit from cost and time savings, because electrostatic sprayers use less disinfectant and reduce cleaning time than traditional methods. In addition, because electrostatic sprayers spray disinfectants in a uniform and controlled manner, overuse and waste are reduced, and environmental management initiatives are supported.
An electrostatic sprayer usually includes a battery pack, a disinfectant tank, a tank hose, and a nozzle. When the nozzle trigger is pressed, the compressed air forces the disinfectant to flow out of the tank and into the nozzle through the hose. In the nozzle, the electrode provides a positive charge to the disinfectant.
When used with disinfectants, electrostatic spray can effectively kill pathogens, and it can be the right tool for comprehensive deep cleaning and hygiene. Our sprayer is very quiet to use. Use our electrostatic sprayer to disinfect your property in a fast, effective and convenient way.
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