Using a Fertilizer Applicator to Improve Fertilizer Efficiency

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Using a Fertilizer Applicator to Improve Fertilizer Efficiency
Today's agricultural economy makes knowledge and information a key factor in crop input decisions. Farmers can't try something just because a fertilizer applicator might work or because it sounds good. No matter what input you're using, it's important to not only make sure it's working properly, but that it's doing its best work.
The theory behind using a starter fertilizer is that it allows plants to grow faster after emergence, and that rapid establishment increases yields. However, some experts believe that a quicker start doesn't necessarily mean higher yields.
Fertilizing with a fertilizer spreader provides a very efficient way to meet the needs of your crop in an environmentally friendly way that allows for less application and more efficient use of it. Having good soil conditions, proper seed placement, non-compacted soil, good seedling emergence and even stand is still the top priority.
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