Application of fertilizing gun

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Application of fertilizing gun
The fertilizing gun is designed for surface spraying or fertilizing trees and shrubs to a depth of up to 6 inches. The company said that the spring-loaded splash guard prevents liquid fertilizer from being sprayed back when it is
injected into the ground. The spray gun is compatible with the pressure system and can deliver up to 4 gallons of fertilizer per minute.

Fertilization is the process of adding fertilizer to irrigation water. Usually 28% of nitrogen (N) is injected into irrigation water to replace or supplement nitrogen. Fertilization allows the application of nitrogen that is closest to
the plant's absorption, without the need for additional field traffic. It is usually used in combination with side application to apply the additional nitrogen fertilizer required for higher expected yields in the irrigated part of the
field that is only partially irrigated.

The equipment required for fertilization is fairly simple and can be easily obtained by most irrigation dealers. The chemical return valve is used to protect the water supply from pollution, and the anti-backflow injection valve prevents
the system from allowing irrigation water to enter the fertilizer supply tank when the injection pump is stopped. For fertilization to be part of the nitrogen management plan, it is also necessary to support fertilization through
irrigation. Self-propelled high-crop applicators and aerial application of urea are several options available for irrigators.
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