The use and application technology of sprayer

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The use and application technology of sprayer
The most important goal of applying agricultural pesticides is to distribute the chemicals evenly throughout the crop leaves. Insufficient doses may not provide the required coverage and control. Excessive use is expensive because it wastes pesticides and increases the possibility of groundwater contamination. Agricultural sprayers can be used for application.

Before choosing which sprayer to use, check the label and IPM guidelines for the specific pesticides that will be used. These give the recommended application rate, the type of equipment that is most suitable for the application, nozzle style and other information to get the best results. According to the type of crop and its size, choose a sprayer that can achieve a good balance between droplet size and coverage.

The technique you use to spray the crop is very important to get good coverage. It should be developed to suit the type of equipment to be used. Using a hand-held spray gun, a sweeping action on the leaves will allow the spray material to penetrate and reach the bottom of the leaves. The correct selection, calibration and operation of spraying equipment is very important to achieve the best pest control and meet environmental and safety requirements.
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