Correct use and maintenance of electric sprayer

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Correct use and maintenance of electric sprayer

With the development of science and technology, more and more farmers have purchased new electric sprayers. Some farmers have just bought the electric sprayers. If they do not use them correctly, the battery will lose power and shorten the service life of the electric sprayers. Improper use and maintenance It will cause the machine to be unusable. The following points should be paid attention to in the use of electric sprayers:

1.Carefully read the mechanical manual, master the structure and performance, and follow the operating procedures.

2. Charging: first insert the DC end plug into the sprayer power socket, and then plug the AC end of the sprayer charger into the 220V power supply to charge. When the red light of the charger is on, it means charging, and when the green light is on, it means that the charging is completed and it can be turned on. . Some farmers just bought the electric sprayer and found that it can’t be charged after using it once. This is because the goods shook violently during transportation and the connection line fell off, so it can’t be charged. You only need to open the bucket and put it inside. The disconnected wires can be used normally after plugging them in.

3. Spraying operation: According to the requirements of the operation, install the direct spray or curved spray nozzle, first mix the liquid with clean water and filter it into the liquid storage bucket through the filter. When using, turn on the liquid switch first, and then turn on the power switch. Start the spraying operation; when ending the spraying operation, turn off the power switch first, and then turn off the chemical liquid switch to avoid damage to electrical components.

4. Please charge and maintain the battery in time after use to prevent damage to the battery life. The normal maintenance of the electric sprayer is also very important. Under normal circumstances, the electric sprayer should be charged immediately after use. Some people forget to charge it in time after using it. The battery is half scrapped when they think of recharging the next day. Therefore, maintenance is also very important during normal use. It determines the service life of the electric sprayer.

5. After the work is completed, you should pour out the remaining liquid medicine in the bucket in time, and wash it with clean water. After using the electric sprayer, it is best to use clean water to clean out the liquid remaining in the water pump. For cleaning, especially in the slack season, it is best to remove the pump motor and clean it with oil, and then put some butter to prevent the motor from rusting and not working normally next year.

6. The maintenance of the electric sprayer in the slack period is also urgent. Generally, it is charged and discharged once in one to two months, instead of charging once. You must first put water in the electric sprayer and let it work until it runs out of electricity. Then charge it again, which can make the life of the battery longer.

7. When there is a problem with battery storage, you should take it to a professional repair shop for battery repair.

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