Electrostatic sprayer applied disinfectant

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Electrostatic sprayer applied disinfectant
Rapid spraying of disinfectants over large or complex surfaces using electrostatic sprayers has emerged. Electrostatic sprayers are designed to impart an electrostatic charge to spray droplets with the aim of increasing droplet deposition on surfaces, thereby promoting more efficient use of disinfectants and reducing waste.

In addition, electrostatics can improve spray uniformity and increase bioefficacy and droplet adhesion. Using an electrostatic sprayer can reduce the amount of disinfectant used to cover surface areas, but with less disinfectant, disinfection may be less effective if surfaces are not kept wet for the required contact time.

The electrostatic charge imparted to the spray may enhance its ability to deposit and adhere to surfaces, including surfaces not in the direct path of the spray, such as the ability to wrap and adhere to complex surfaces. Electrostatic sprayers are used to apply disinfectants directly to surfaces, while nebulizers can be used to disinfect or decontaminate surfaces and volumes.
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