Use And Maintenance Of Agricultural Mist Sprayer

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Use And Maintenance Of Agricultural Mist Sprayer

  1. Insert the crank into the crank clamp and the gearbox, then tighten the wing nut and try to shake in the direction of rotation indicated by the arrow on the barrel. If there is no noise, it means normal.

  2. First connect the powder spraying head and the powder spraying pipe, tighten the screw on the large tightening ring and then put the ribbed end of the powder spraying pipe into the groove of the hose.

  3. The added powder should be kept dry, and there should be no wood chips, gravel, mud, fiber, and other debris. The switch must be closed when adding powder, to prevent powder from leaking into the fan part through the switch hole, causing powder accumulation and shaking.

  4. Adjust the opening of the powder door switch according to the type of powder, the degree of dryness and wetness, and the amount of powder spray required per acre. Note that the switch cannot be opened to large at a time, it should be opened gradually as needed. When spraying powder, people should walk upwind. When not spraying powder, the switch should be turned off to prevent powder from leaking into the fan through the switch hole, causing powder accumulation.

  5. The powder spraying pipe and the fan components are connected by hoses, which can swing freely up and down and left and right according to the operation requirements. But be careful not to flatten the hose, block the air duct, and cause the fan to accumulate powder.

  After the spraying work is completed, the residual powder in the barrel should be wiped clean, and the powder spraying tube should be removed. The residual powder inside and outside the tube should also be removed, and then shake for a few rotations to blow out the residual powder in the fan to avoid the accumulation of powder and moisture Agglomeration blocks the passage, corrodes the barrel and parts, and even affects the service life.

  When the agricultural mist sprayer is stored for a long time, it should be removed to remove the accumulated powder, and wipe it with a damp cloth if necessary (be careful not to leak water into the gearbox). At the same time, add oil to the gearbox. During storage, all parts such as spray parts, handles, and barrels must be wiped clean one by one and placed in a dry place where there is no corrosive gas to prevent the parts from being scattered and damaged by corrosion.

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